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My Journey From Part-time to Full-Time Investment Real Estate Investor

I am the president of Vault to Real Estate Success Corporation.

This writing is my blog.  My blog is focused on investment real estate and my mantra, ” Prosperity for all aspects of your life forever.”

I write on investment real estate, entrepreneurship, small business ownership, building a strong financial foundation, unlocking sustainable wealth and creating a living legacy.

My goal is to create insightful, investment real estate content that you can put to work in your financial portfolio and supplement your professional life. If you are in a position of homeownership, found real estate has been a cornerstone to your finances, a benefit to your wealth sustainability and growth and believe investment real estate can take your investment life to a new level.  This blog is for you.

My Why:

Investment real estate is an essential part of my finances.

My entire childhood spent as a tenant in someone else’s home.

My youth filled days of being a tenant and having great landlords have inspired me.

Do I want to be a good landlord? I wanted to be a great landlord.

My Dad was a member of the Armed Forces.

All of my infancy, childhood and most of my teenage years, my parents rented.  We were good tenants respectful of the landlord’s property.

My Dad was a handyman and many times fixed the owner’s home without any compensation; my Dad wanted a safe, fun and secure home for his family.

My parents did not purchase their first home until I started at Grade 11.  My folks went on to own several homes, including investment real estate.

You will notice that my corporate logo has a Crown in the Logo; you might think this is to symbolize riches; it does not.

Everyone needs a roof over their heads; an essential part of life, I cannot think of anything being nobler than owning investment real estate and providing a safe, fun and secure place for people and families to live.

I never knew any of our landlords; all I knew as a child, we lived in lovely homes that were safe, fun and secure.

Our family would never have had anywhere to live if it was not for investment real estate investors.

The name of my website is Vault to Investment Real Estate Success.  My site named after the title of my book.

My blog and podcast are focused on “investment real estate.”  My mantra is ” Prosperity for all aspects of your life forever.”

I write on investment real estate, financial foundation, sustainable wealth and living legacy, and, on occasions, things that don’t fit neatly into one of these areas.  I also occasionally write about the tools I am discovering.

My goal is to share insights, current content that you can use in your personal and professional life.  If you are in a position to aspire to own investment real estate or have just started in the area of investment real estate – then this blog and podcast are for you.

I typically blog post once a week. I  have a monthly podcast I air on Wednesdays. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or e-mail.

Every idea is born from one’s experience. Before anyone or anyone idea starts to thrive in the nest, it needs to be nurtured, tested and supported.  This support can come from many different sources, starting right at home.

You, as an individual or your ideas, can also find nurturing, testing and support through school, clubs, associations, incubator groups, networking, courses, and so many other avenues.   The trick is to identify where the support can and will come.  You need to make sure you are in an environment that lets you scream your ideas from the rooftop.

Even before I achieved a full-time income from investment real estate, I started to write a book on my investment real estate journey.  Through my book, I wanted to share what I was learning about monetizing investment real estate and in the hope of meeting others on the same path.  I had over 55,000 words written, with no idea how to bring this baby to market.

In May 2016, I earned a certificate in investment real estate coaching (Real Estate Investment Advisor, REIA), and part of the certification program was on how to get a book published.  Part of the program’s agenda included how to get a book released, the folks conducting the training brought by a publisher and several successful published authors.

We were given a lesson in how to write a book proposal and encouraged to contact this publisher with any of our book ideas.

Vault to Investment Real Estate Success Podcast and Blog Were Born

In contacting the book publisher, I was to find out that as an author, you need a strong social media presence in today’s world of publishing before a publisher will show any interest in bringing your book to market.

I have found that working with people one on one was very satisfying but did not give me the reach I desired to help others gain knowledge on why investment real estate can and will have a constructive impact on your lives.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about investment real estate versus real estate investment.  It’s because there’s a big difference. I want you to think of investment first and real estate as the vehicle second.  Investment real estate is a way of saving, sharing, securing, investing and getting a return on capital.  All these words are stable, unlike the words attributed to investments of most kinds: speculative, outlay, deal, and venture capital – words that carry a connotation of risk — thinking investment first challenges you to think of your foundation and the elements of revenue produced by the investment.

Most investment vehicles only have one primary income generator. Real Estate has three critical touchpoints of revenue generation.

We will examine further in-depth of three essential touchpoints. We will dedicate blogs and podcasts to these three critical touchpoints, and you will see how investment real estate can outstrip most other investment vehicles’ economic performance and financial returns.

Investment real estate should be an area of your investment life you can count on; you should have no problem sleeping at night and make money while you sleep.

Investment Real Estate should help you capitalize, participate in, and advance your investment funds forever.

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My Biography

I have worked in the food manufacturing industry for a big part of my career.  I will explain and talk about often the importance of having a job when you first start in investment real estate.

I built a successful sales career in the food industry in my last position as the Director of Sales.  You can find out more about my jobs through my LinkedIn account.    http://www.linkedin.com/in/wrickharris

My interest in real estate began when my Dad retired from his career in the armed forces, and he started his new career in real estate.

Over the years, we purchased investment real estate but did not get serious until 2002.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.