Canadians Stay Out; Banned and Blacklisted from USA October 18, 2018

Canadians Banned and Blacklisted from the USA

Snowbirds (once affectionately known as Canadians wintering in the United States) as of October 18, 2018, maybe traveling and vacationing to the United States for the last time.

All Canadian assets will be seized, sold off and taken into the United States Federal Government General Revenue to help to continue to build an invisible wall across the US and Canadian border. This wall is worst than the physical Mexican Wall as Canadians we never saw it coming.

The Visible Wall

Many Canadians who travel to the United States and cross at different State borders; think the State Laws control border crossings.

Watch a TV Show titled “Border Security” to learn how naive Canadians and Americans are to the Federal border jurisdiction to the entry into the United States.

On October 17, 2018, Canada legalizes marijuana many Canadians think they can carry their marijuana legally across the Washington State border because Washington State has legalized marijuana; not. The border is controlled by the USA Federal Government.

Carrying marijuana across the US border is not going to happen, and the moment the American Border Security catches you, you will be refused entry in the United States, and there will be a good chance you will never be allowed entry into the United States again in your lifetime.  Ignorance is not an excuse.

Americans Seizing Your Assets in the United States

Here is a big dilemma and my concern for Canadians who own real estate and other assets in the United States.

Our Canadian Government, CCP (Canada Pension Plan) and OAS (Old Age Security) Plan are about to put all your American assets at risk.

On October 17, 2018, marijuana becomes legal in Canada, and as Canadians when we cross the border into the United States, we will be scrutinized more than ever regarding our use of marijuana.  The border security questions will not only be asked around your personal use but do you own any stocks in marijuana companies. Most Canadians will deny holding any shares in Marijuana companies, and unbeknownst to these Canadians, they will be lying.

Not telling the truth will jeopardize your future entry into the United States and could even lead to the confiscation of your real estate and other assets in the United States.


Some of you may stop reading this blog post because you think I am now as outlandish as Trump is being accused of being.

New Reality

Folks, the new reality is that our CPP and OAS managed funds are without question going to invest in marijuana companies and in many cases own substantial interests in these companies.  This information will be of public knowledge, and the Americans will have access to this knowledge. Holding shares in marijuana companies means every Canadian can be denied access to the United States and our real estate and other possessions seized and sold off.

You may think I have stepped over the line of reality; I would suggest you take a moment to analyze the new reality of American politics and who the president of the United States is.

Don’t take my word; look at the actions of Trump and everything thing he has done since becoming President. Trump’s will has been to create protectionism for the people of the United States; he is not concerned about the rest of the world.

America First and All Other Nations a Distant Second.

If the mid-term elections go in favour of the Republicans there will be an excellent chance Trump will win another four-year term, and all Canadian American assets could go up in Smoke.

Peace My Canadian Brothers and Sisters.


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