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Ready, Set, Goal – Real Estate Investing the Right Way with W. Rick Harris

Building a real estate investing business entails a good foundation and a process that looks out for important details to keep it growing and running well.How do you start and set up your real estate investing business for sustainability and success?

EPISODE #38 – Guest Interview – Rick Harris – Ready, Set, Goal©; The Everyday Millionaire Podcast

Recently I had the great pleasure of being interviewed as a guest on the podcast show, The Everyday Millionaire, hosted by Patrick Francey. The Everyday Millionaire podcast is a place to learn precisely what it takes to create the wealth you need to support the dreams you desire for yourself, your family, your community. Patrick…

Episode 54: Recreational and Vacation Rental Properties with W. Rick Harris

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Rick Harris: Most important factor when accessing the equity in your home. Why vacation rentals make so much sense. The secret elixir of buying vacation properties. The three important zoning types for vacation rental real estate. The “4 Seasons Properties” How to manage your team when owning recreational and vacation…


VAULT TO REAL ESTATE SUCCESS W/ RICK HARRIS Matthew Podcast Real Estate August 28, 2017, 0 Comments At Bee Influenced; we like to feature different people from multiple industries. In today’s podcast, we feature Rick Harris who works in Real Estate Investment. RICK HARRIS Rick is a real estate investor and acts as a consultant.…