How to Test Your North American Income and Expense Challenge Breakthrough

How to Test Your North American Income and Expense Challenge Breakthrough

How to Test Your North American Income and Expense Challenge Breakthrough. As North Americans, we lag behind the rest regarding financial planning. However, if we turned financial planning into a competitive sport in North America, we would not settle for being at the back of the pack.

As North Americans, how do we move up from the back of the pack regarding financial planning?

My financial planning process through investment real estate is to help stop the madness of inaction. Unfortunately, part of this lack of planning is creating budgets that lead to analysis paralysis. Therefore, we need to take action now, and it does not come with a budget spreadsheet.

Rick, you are talking financial blaspheme.

In a past blog, To Budget or Not To Budget, that is the Question? No, I recommend you don’t waste your time creating a budget. You are far better off tracking your income and expenses for three months.

Don’t Get Someone Else to Do Your Sit-Ups.

No one ever got 6 Pack Abs having someone else do their sit-ups. If I can convince you to do your financial sit-ups in your daily, monthly, and yearly financial routine, you will be amazed at how you can unlock sustainable wealth. This method does not include a personal budget.

In other words, focus on real life, not wishful thinking. Follow my process; you can count on a productive life, not broken-down dreams.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:

How to Test Your North American Income and Expense Challenge Breakthrough

Setting Up a Monthly Budget is Not the Fairest of Them All

According to Wikipedia, in the Fairy Tale Snow White and the Seven Drawfs, every morning, the Evil Queen asks the Magic Mirror the Question, “Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?”. The mirror always replies: “My Queen, you are the fairest in the land.” The Queen is always pleased because she believes the magic mirror never lies.

The mirror is how I see most budgets; in other words, the magic budget mirror never lies to you. Are you living in the magical budget mirror and don’t know how to escape this fairy tale?

Creating a budget has three components: adding income/revenue, projecting expenses, and working out the difference.

Pull from the Past and Look Forward

When setting up a budget notice in the second component, the word “Projected.”
“Projected” is one of the most dangerous words in the financial world; too many individuals and companies have lived this fairy tale of projecting revenue that was never going to be and not showing expenses that were always there.
Do you remember what happened to the Evil Queen? Is this going to be your reality?
Don’t Fudge The Numbers; use the real deal.

Simple Math:

How to Test Your North American Income and Expense Challenge Breakthrough

In simple math, insufficient revenue and too many expenses spell financial ruin.

As mentioned, document your income/revenue and spending for three months. After three months, you will see money in your bank account or very little. There is no better reflection of your true financial self than the view of your bank account balance.

You are short on revenue, have too many expenses, or a combination of both. The beautiful thing about both is that you can add to your income or eliminate costs. In my book, 31 Days to Purchasing and Renting Your First Investment Real Estate Property, I describe a method I call Uber Time. In other words, you can always get a part-time job, and this additional income can help you dramatically improve your financial position.

One of my previous employers produced an income and expense statement every four weeks. Part of my bonus is paid on net income every 12 weeks; how is that for an incentive?

However, the additional part of my bonus would not have been paid if the corporation had not produced a four-week income and expense statement.

I was focused almost every minute of every day on revenue and costs.

Think of your positive net income as your life bonus. This monthly premium reflects your life, not a magical financial mirror creating a false reality.

APP it Up:

How to Test Your North American Income and Expense Challenge Breakthrough

Today there are so many great apps to help you track your spending. For instance, if you use primarily one or two bank accounts, you should use your bank’s app.

Therefore, if you are comfortable using the app, I suggest you look at how the app records your income and expense categories and matches these groups to the income and expense spreadsheet I have provided. Transferring your numbers from your app to your spreadsheet will take moments.

My banking app has 12 expense categories.

The discretionary or optional spending categories, such as Dining Out, Shopping, Travel, and Entertainment, are grouped under Wants.  

Under Needs are categories related to your living expenses, such as Home, Groceries, Transportation, Utilities, Education, and Health.

Transaction types not defined as a Want to a Need, including Gifts, Donations, and Taxes, are grouped under Other.

The neat thing about this banking app (TD Bank) is that I can move a transaction to a different category anytime.

This Week’s Action – The North American Challenge

1. Download Your Banks Income and Expense Tracking App tied to your bank account.

Use the personal income and expenses spreadsheet I provided through the Vault to Investment Real Estate Success website. http://www,

2. Make the spreadsheet yours but don’t spend much time recreating the wheel.

3. Fill in your numbers; you can start at the beginning of the upcoming month and track revenue and expenses. Or go back three months and write in your numbers. Make sure you do this one month at a time. The most successful individuals and companies produce monthly income and expense statements; discuss financial reality.

How to Test Your North American Income and Expense Challenge Breakthrough

Ready, Set, Goal©!!


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