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Posts by W. Rick Harris

Christmas Magic – How to Give the Ideal Gift

Christmas Through the Generations Christmas is a magical time bringing families together from far and wide, and gift-giving is part of the Christmas tradition. Some years are more complicated than others to find the perfect gift. Back in late 2017,  I wrote a blog that has gone on to be one of my best-read blogs.…

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What is the Surprising Payback between a House and a Home?

Welcome to my Home or Welcome to my House; what sounds more inviting?  (Definition Home and House according to ) Home: a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household House: a building for human habitation Looking at the definition of home versus house; the word family for a home…

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The Yes; No and Maybe So Crystal Ball of the Bank of Canada

Yes, No, Maybe So Crystal Ball According to a new REP (Real Estate Professional) blog they referenced that “The Bank of Canada, in its first policy announcement of 2019, said the recent drop in crude prices would result in slower-than-expected growth in an economy that has otherwise been performing well. The bank is now projecting…

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