How Can The Exodus of People Make Your Next Investment Sweet Spot?

How can the exodus of people make your next investment sweet spot?

In the world’s history, people have migrated to other parts of their country, or different countries or continents.

Creating Prosperity

We as a civilization would never have prospered and grown if it were not for our family members of the past and those who are courageous today, willing to venture out to make their family and their lives better.

With all the conflicts in the world, people are migrating to make their lives and families’ lives safer.

Venturing out can come at considerable risk; this risk carries over your financial net worth, no matter how big or small. In many cases, you don’t have any employment or no income.

Investment Sweet Spots – Are You Taking Advantage of  Your Freedom?

Are you engaged in investing, or are you handing over your life or hard-earned money to someone hoping they find investment sweet spots?

My investment advice for you, your family, friends, and the community’s economic health is “Follow the Money.”

My blog posts focus on investment real estate as your financial portfolio. In addition, my primary reasons are to help you think about how to build a strong financial foundation, unlock sustainable wealth, and create a living legacy.


How Can The Exodus of People Make Your Next Investment Sweet Spot?

Dynamics are going on in the world that create opportunities for you if you take advantage of your freedom.

A good friend often says, “Follow the Money.”

In addition, he refers to “Follow the Money” to find out the real reason most things happen globally, for instance, pharmaceutical or political developments, and you will know who is behind every move and why.

Following the money is one of the ingredients to help nurture a better life recipe.

The North America Picture

North America, for instance, is behind a lot of big money. In addition, listening to broadcasts on the business news networks like CNBC and BNN gives you free knowledge of global financial information. However, are you watching and learning and executing your financial freedom?

Don’t let someone else intrepid this information and charge you for their interpretation, including me. Instead, make your own informed decisions.

Exodus is not only about people in North America but also money.
In addition, getting money over the borders in the world is a lot easier than people.
In North America, you have to declare transporting anything over $10,000 in cash to border officials but investing over $10,000 in the stock market over the border; you don’t have to report.

No Physical Wall or Border is a Money Barrier

If you do any investing, you will realize how easy it is to get your money over the border than yourself. However, you can have more influence sitting at home investing than trying to get over the border as an investor. You can reach a significant influencer in a large corporation from the comfort of your home.
How can the exodus of people make your next investment sweet spot? His place is closer to home than you thought.
Therefore, buy a few company shares and learn its corporate rules. Similarly, find out when they have their stockholder meeting and show up to voice your concerns.
How often have you heard stories of a handful of investors forcing policy change in a large organization?

Russia/Ukraine War Reaps Benefits for Most of the World

The Russians have proven that any country can make a border seem invisible at anytime.

Do you remember before the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

The Russians attacked Ukraine with cyber attacks.

Recently Elon Musk gave Ukraine access to his satellites to fight off the Russian cyberattacks; love him or hate him, Elon puts his resources where his mouth is. Are you?

Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

The Russians attacking Ukraine are setting off many benefits for the world.

It may not feel like it right now for the Ukrainian people. But, above all, who can predict when Putin will be pounded into submission. However, my gut tells me it will happen.

Most of the World continues to support Ukraine. Above all, when the war dust settles, we will see a reconstruction effort in Ukraine like never before. Ukraine is a country of heritage and cultural pride. Until that day happens, we must strengthen our wealth to be generous in the future at Russia’s expense.

Western World’s Sheep’s Clothing

The Western World finds many Russian wolves in the Western World’s Sheep’s clothing. As a result, many Western governments are seizing these Russian Oligric assets and stripping them of their blood money.

There is hope someday, some of this moMoneyill reimburse Ukraine for the damage the Russians have caused.

Helping Ukraines Find Safe Homes

Many countries will take in Ukraine immigrants. Most countries might benefit from this immigration. To learn more, please listen to a recent podcast show I was a guest on, “Where Should I Invest? ho ted by Sarah Larbi, Vault to Investment Real Estate Success

Even though the Ukrainian immigrants can be suitable for most countries, my hope is at some point, if they want to return home to Ukraine, this option will be available to them. It s one thing to immigrate to a country because it was your decision; however, being forced to make this decision because someone has attacked your country is different.

The Now

Therefore, as an investor in the United States, Canada, and all nations not supporting Russia. Follow the money, people, and agricultural and resource-rich states, provinces, or countries.
Remember, getting your investment funds over the border is easy and an excellent return on your investments.
The movement of your investments is where you want your next investment sweet spot to be? Before, this can be anywhere you want.
I see significant opportunities in investment real estate, following the more money-watch jobs created.
Jobs need people, and people need housing.

A Few North American Sweet Spots

In the USA, Texas benefits big time from the departure of people from California, ask Elon Musk. Elon, many of his employees, and Tesla’s Headquarters waved goodbye to California.

The affordability of housing, jobs, and natural resources makes Texas a sweet spot. Abo e all, don’t forget an investment-friendly government. Texas is not the only state in the USA to have opportunities, following the Money one other conditions mentioned above.

Elon Musk tweets about the following work done in Austin, Texas.

Other Job Growth

Did you know Amazon created an additional 500,000 jobs since 2020 alone? Follow  Amazon’s Money Moneyeir new locations of Amazon distribution centers; jobs, jobs, jobs.

In Canada, there is a trend going on. Canada and Ontario, especially in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), realize they will never see affordable housing in their lifetimes.

The Shift

There is a shift like in the USA, and people are waving goodbye to the GTA and heading West. Why? Affordability of housing and jobs, good-paying jobs are on the shift.

Don’t worry; California and Ontario will survive because they are both parts of great nations.

Alberta and much of Western Canada will be the sweet spots in Canada. But, above all, the world requires friendly access to reliable supplies.
Remember! Can Th  Exodus Make Your Next Investment Sweet Spot?

What Goes Around, Comes Around

I wrote an article in late 2017 and pointed out that Calgary and Alberta would see a departure, and Alberta did.

I have added a link (View PDF). Click  n and open the link   This article I wrote for the REINLife Magazine in  late 2017 entitled, “The Stampede Has Left Calgary; Will it Ever Return?” (It is only a couple of minutes to read but gives you more insight into what goes around comes around.)

The Stampede Will Return

Alberta has taken more than a few punches since 2015/2016; this will change.
According to Scotia Bank’s economic forecast, BC will lead regional growth in 2022. Alberta will take the top position in 2023 (chart 1). Saskatchewan is forecast to significantly boost this year from work related to the Jansen potash mine project.–January-24–2022-.html

Tipping Point, The Scale Tips Slowly

Look at what I had to say about oil in the article above. I suggested we need a friendly government or governments. And even though Canada is working hard to stay on task to help global warming. The world is now weening itself of conflict oil and will look to more Friendlier Countries for its natural resources, Canada and the USA.
Be clear we are all seeing the shift to electric vehicles. But, the Russian war might shift us to a cleaner energy world quicker. I am not saying tomorrow we will snap our fingers and everyone will be driving electric vehicles.

Alternative Carbon-Neutral Energy Resources

If you think the movement to alternative carbon-neutral energy resources will be stopped dead in its tracks, this will not happen.
I have trust in most of the world, except Russia and China. China continues to support Russia and buy its oil and gas, and I predict this will continue long into the future.
The rest of the world will continue to take action, and we can’t worry about the inner workings of Russia and China; let’s continue to place more restrictions on these countries. Let’s isolate them from the rest of the world; they will come around as nations that can not survive long-term without the rest of the world.

We Need Action, Not Word

We need to create a reliable energy supply for the World and Europe; let’s help a country like Germany get a friendly, more reliable supply of oil and natural gas. The German government has a responsibility to its citizens, but it should not be coming at the death and destruction of the Ukraine people.
North Americans must pull out all the stops to replace any oil and gas supply countries are receiving from Russia.

Putin, See the Fickle Finger of Fate and Shove It

You may have seen a Ukraine soldier giving a Russian Destroyer the middle finger before Ukraine sunk the ship.

This action was so popular in Ukraine they created a postage stamp.Image

If most of the world supports North America to get their energy, the world can continue transitioning to cleaner energy and keep the momentum against Russia.
Putin is underestimating the impact of attacking Ukraine. As a result, the world will become less relevant to Russia’s oil. In the end, Russia will have fewer customers for their resources, leaving the economy in shambles for decades.

Continue to Follow the Money

Follow the money, don’t manage your investment funds, and sit on the sidelines; therefore, make your life better, and know you can help. So how can the exodus of people make your next investment sweet spot?

Please find the link to my book, 31 Days to Purchasing and Renting Your First Investment Real Estate Property. If you see investment real estate in your “Now,” please purchase my book.


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