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Housing the Elderly’s Needs, a Cruel Death Sentence

Day 15/ Post 15 The coronavirus pandemic has caused such pain and turned our loved homes into a death chamber. Everyone has the right to have a safe, secure, and healthy home to live, especially the elderly.  Much of the world put our elderly in substandard living conditions. There is an expectation because someone has…

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How Opportunities Will Amaze, Are You Ready?

Day 14/Post 14 Look for the Opportunities Abounding Every Day, Good Chance You Have the Time.  Yes, opportunities are unfolding before your eyes during the coronavirus pandemic. Technology continues to enter all aspects of our lives.  Technology is right now an opportunity for you to embrace. The coming of the current pandemic is forcing more…

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Who are Your Frontline Workers? Think How to Help Them?

Day 13/Post 13 Who are Your Frontline Workers? The media can sometimes be so brutal and cynical, but over the last couple of weeks, good news stories abound regarding people saluting the frontline workers. The stories and the sacrifices people make to help others in pain and suffering is remarkable. Think about how to help…

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Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain, What is Your Strategy?

Day 12 / Post 12 “Stop trying to guess the end of the coronavirus pandemic, accept this is going to be several months of short term pain.” The only way to defeat the coronavirus is with a vaccine.  Best estimates are emergency use early 2021. Some people are still in denial that the coronavirus is…

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