What Would You Do to Give Your Loving Family a Better Life?

A Trend Through the Ages – Would You Make This Move?

In February 2022, I was a guest on a Real Estate Investing podcast show, and I shared trends for investors to capitalize on the future with the host. (Link Below)

The host wanted me to talk about the Alberta investment real estate marketplace, unravel the marketplace and the economy, and share my insights into the future.

One of my insights was that oil would move from $75 a barrel and go higher. I spoke about this in early 2022 (Oil is now hovering around $100 a barrel, April 4, 2022).

In addition, I spoke about the significance of immigration and how important immigration is to North America.

If you listen to this episode, I mention how people can go back and hear if the person interviewed was blowing smoke up your pant leg or delivering the information you could use.

No Smoke or Mirrors

Listen to “Where Should I Invest?” Hosted by Sarah Larbi, Episode 187 Vault to Investment Real Estate Success.   This podcast episode talks about the fossil fuel and green energy industry and immigration in North America.
Even though North America is not opening our borders to a free flow of immigration, keep your eye on this opportunity.
In addition, at the time of the broadcast of the podcast episode, Russia had not yet invaded Ukraine. The USA and Canada are now opening on immigration to help the Ukrainian people.
However, the other immigration trend people are not watching creates opportunities is interprovincial or interstate immigration.
So keep reading, and I will share the who, the why, the where people within Canada and the USA are shifting.

Changing Trends

These trends are showing up in the real estate market.
These recent trends are driven by Covid and, in addition, by inflation and the war in Ukraine.

Taking Advantage of Trends; Are You Ready?

Work at Home

Covid, as reported by numerous sources, changed the real estate landscape as people had to work at home. Many of these people need more room, large houses with a home office and a space to educate their children.
This trend had many suburban areas around large cities’ housing prices rising. Therefore, we are seeing the secondary real estate marketplaces are getting very expensive and, in addition, driving many people out of any hopes of purchasing a single-family home.

Interprovincial and Interstate Immigration

My daughter is a realtor, and recently she worked with clients who moved from the Greater Toronto Area to Edmonton.
Why? Their primary goal was to own a single-family home with a yard for their young family. But unfortunately, they could no longer see the path to single homeownership in the GTA or most of Ontario.
What they did next was incredible and bold. 
My daughter’s clients knew no one in Alberta but had heard good things about the province. So they worked with my daughter and house hunted on the video feature of cell phones. My daughter showed them multiple homes, and when they got their list down to a few, it was only then that they flew out and made a purchase.
How could they make this transition? 
My daughter’s client had a job that allowed her to work from home, so it didn’t matter where she lived. The husband is a heavy-duty auto mechanic and took less than a week to find an excellent job in his field. Work at home advantages makes significant lifestyle changes possible.
My daughter’s clients recently took possession of their single-family home. They are pleased with their move and purchase. My daughter negotiated the backyard swing-set in the price, and the couple’s children think they have died and gone to heaven. To have a playground in their backyard was never a dream my daughter’s clients thought they would never achieve for their children.

Following the Trend

This past weekend my daughter’s client from Ontario introduced my daughter to two sisters and a cousin who currently lives in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).   These ladies came out to look at real estate in the Greater Edmonton Area. The potential is three more single-family sales for my daughter.
I am not saying there is a mass exodus from Ontario, but there is more than smoke from this fire.

Interstate Movement

Speaking of fire, people are moving out of California in the USA. Instead of being a destination state for interstate immigration, people are moving from California because of many factors, including housing affordability.

Forced Immigration

But fire also is a sign of war. So Putin and Russia invaded Ukraine.

Even though my blog posts are on the value of investment real estate, we must not be afraid to speak up.

We, as North Americans, are going to benefit big time. However, most of us would not wish what is happening to Ukraine to be taking place.

The cold hard truth is that we, as North Americans, will benefit.

The Side Effects of War

Many Ukraines murdered, displaced from their homes, and forced to leave their country. These actions are criminal.

Who is benefitting financially because of the war?

Thanks to Putin, any country provides oil, natural gas, fertilizers, crops, or any other product Russia supplies to the rest of the World.
But remember, the USA and Canada need immigrants, and thanks to Putin, North America’s door is open to Ukrainian immigrants. So will all of these people stay and build futures in North America; maybe not all; however, some will.
The Ukrainians coming to North America had no choice; they were forced to abandon their country for the love of their families.

Never Ending and Forgiveness

No one knows how long Putin’s madness will continue. Putin is a wolf with no sheep’s clothing. He will never be trusted or believed by most of the World again.
I worry some Western Nations will try and accept any olive branch from Putin. You can look back at Putin’s words versus actions and know he is never to be trusted.
My gut tells me that Ukraine will never again be at ease; even if peace comes, the Ukrainians will have to sleep the rest of their lives with one eye open.
The people of Ukraine will succeed in turning back the Russians, but the World will look and feel much different.
Putin must earn forgiveness. However, he has no interest in forgiveness; unfortunately, madness has no cure.


We are blessed as North Americans to be able to move of our own free will to give our families a better life.

That is what the people of Ukraine are fighting for; their price is steep, and death is the ultimate price.

When it comes to your family and making any bold move in North America and taking advantage of any opportunity, the choice is yours to make.


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