Celebrating Through the Window, Why This is Unclear?

Day 11 / Post 11

How is this coronavirus impacting your day to day life?
It affects us all in different ways.
Today is my son’s birthday, and who would have guessed, these precious years later, we would be in self-isolation and not being able to celebrate his birthday together.
My birthday was the first family birthday of the year, and I would have to purchase my birthday cake.
Thanks to COVID-19, I had to pack my groceries. I had taken our recycling grocery bags as part of saving the planet, and now I am being told carrying your recyclable grocery bags, is Bad.
How quickly the world is changing, back to using plastic bags.  The positive news people are not driving as much, and this would leave more oil to make oil by-products like plastic bags.
My grocery packing skills were suspect
I dropped my birthday cake on the way to my vehicle, upside-down birthday cake.  My birthday candles had a slight tilt.
The plan was to purchase a birthday card for my son and drop off my son’s birthday card while he was at work.  We, as a family, were practicing physical distancing.
We were thankful my son has a job requiring him to keep working.

Celebrations Went Downhill

Skiing has been a part of the birthday celebrations for a number of years and skiing with one or more of my grandkids on my birthday is very memorable. I can thank the lucky stars I had been out skiing with all five of them this ski season.
How abruptly this pandemic would bring this type of physical activity to its knees.
Being a half-full kind of guy, I am always looking for an edge to stay mentally and physically healthy.
What are you doing to check in on yourself?
I have a health app that has me check in on my mental health every day. (HeadUp) The coronavirus is not going to drag me down; keeping a positive mental state is an essential part of my character.
The formula for mental and physical health well-being can be as simple as following the government and the World Health Organization recommendations.  Washing hands for 20 seconds, cough into your arm, social distancing, and avoid nonessential travel, my family, and close friends are following this advice, they are safe and healthy.
When we come out of this pandemic and the world has a good chance the world of being healthier and wiser.
But if we jump the gun and try to think we can get ahead of the curve before the curve has hit its peak is a shot right in our gut and many more people will die that don’t have too.
Has our net wealth taken an enormous hit? YES!  You can have all the money in the world, but without your health, it doesn’t seem as important.
Staying Home as much as possible is the kindest action you can take, don’t think your healthy self can’t jeopardize others, most of us will never get tested for the coronavirus, but we could be a carrier.
Practice Physical Distancing until the coronavirus raises the White Flag, don’t follow the naysayers into the pandemic slaughterhouse.
We will see each other on the other side of this thing.
From Our Happy Place to Yours, Be Healthy, Be Safe Until Our Next Post

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