How to Age, Live at Home or Get Housed? Scary Times

Day/Post 7

Ageing Opportunities 93 and 95

Yes!! I have stopped watching the news first thing in the morning because as the news day unfolds, the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in North America continue to climb, our reality these days can be depressing.
Everyone is trying to be positive and look for signs of bending the coronavirus curve.
I mentioned I was going to write ninety blog posts, at least once a day, April through the end of June 2020.
Tomorrow I will be changing things up.  I decided not to keep mentioning coronavirus directly as it relates to the pandemic; it is easy to follow most media down this rabbit hole.
My focus going forward is to follow my mantra and Mission, “ Prosperity for all aspects of your life forever.”
The goal is to focus on “How to Posts, Step by Step Guides and Best Practices.”
Last night I spoke on the phone with my 95-year-old mother-in-law, and this morning, I phoned my 93-year-old great aunt.
My mother-in-law lives in a long-term senior care facility. This facility is in lockdown with no visitors at all.
My Mother-in-Law is mentally in excellent health, but has very little vision and has trouble walking long distances; she needs to rely on others to help her with her daily living.
My mother-in-law, up to this point, loves her facility, lots of friends, social activities, nurturing staff and good food.  She has gained a healthy 13 pounds since moving to her facility two years ago.
Now She Turns on the Radio and …….
She hears the same stories day-to-day about how unsafe these long-term care facilities are for seniors, the deaths and the understaffing.
Her experience at her facility is not like this, but she worries because the media loves reporting bad news.
Many long-term care facilities throughout the world have become death traps.  Most governments, medical boards and owers of these long-term care facilities don’t know how to fight this silent COVID-19 killer.
My wife and her sisters are concerned about their mother about what could happen to my mother-in-law’s facility.  The staff unknowingly could bring in the disease to her long-term care home and this long-term care facility is still taking in new residents.
There is a real fear the conditions will destroy many of the folks in my mothers-in-law’s long-term care facility, and they will leave their homes in a body bag.
There is no direct control for my mother-in-law and with no access for my wife and her sisters to help their mother.
Your parents or grandparents are living in a medical nightmare with no way of waking up the medical or government community to stop these deaths once a long-term senior care home gets attacked by the coronavirus.
We had a trip planned to visit my wife’s Mom on Mother’s Day but had to cancel as we do not see any end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic.
We were also going to tie in an additional trip to visit my great aunt the week after.
My 93-year-old great aunt lives on her own in a two-bedroom apartment. It is not a seniors’ apartment; it is a typical residential apartment with a variety of demographics residing there.
We are more concerned about my mother-in-law’s living situation than my great aunt living in an average apartment home.
My great aunt is far less stressed, and she is listening to the same media stories as my mother-in-law.
My aunt has restricted minimal contact with people except through the phone.  She gets help with her grocers from her niece.
My aunt told me yesterday she dug out those old hair rollers from yesteryear and is styling her hair.
She is a feisty old gal and loves to take care of her appearance.
She is also baking and cooking her meals.  She feels safe, secure and healthy in her own home and does not have the same fears as my mother-in-law.
My great aunt feels still in control of much of her own life and decisions.
My great aunt said to me, “If living in a long-term seniors care facility doesn’t scare you, then nothing will.”
These long-term seniors facilities worldwide are a social wake up call.
My wife and I are looking out years from now and saying no thanks to long-term seniors care homes.
We are talking about and rethinking our financial investments and how we can fund independent living right until we take our last breath.
If you invest in long-term care facilities, get your money out and look for investments in senior independent living.
When the pandemic dust settles these long-term care facilities, the medical boards and the governments who govern them are going to come under a ton of scrutiny and lawsuits will abound.
Even how seniors get housed in hospitals will come under scrutiny.
The explosion of products to keep seniors in their homes is only in its infancy. There will be many great companies that will see this as an excellent business opportunity.
I talked to you about stock market opportunities in today’s uncertain world, creating more ways to allow seniors to live on their own until their deaths are going to become a more significant industry and a good investment.
You, Your Parents and Your Grandparents Wake-Up Call 
Do your research and invest in companies committed to keep folks in their own homes forever.
From Our Happy Place to Yours, Be Healthy, Be Safe Until Our Next Post





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