How to Diversify Your Finances, Health and Knowledge Life

Day 8/ Post 8

“ Prosperity for all aspects of your life forever.”
Investment real estate is at the heart of my blog, podcast, and website.
How you handle your investments is as individual as we all are.
Diversification of your health and knowledge needs is also an individual choice.
Recent discussions with my wife lead to us taking on more personal responsibility around our health.
We decided to purchase the latest version of the Apple Watch, Series 5.           
The Apple Watch connects to Apple’s Health app.  There are many ways through the Apple Health app to monitor your physical fitness.
I have never seen my wife so engaged in her health and fitness performance.
There are many health ( physical and mental) and fitness apps to support your Apple Watch, free to paid. (please understand I am not pushing Apple, I am encouraging any technology that helps your health, mental and physical and fitness)
The goal is to get you to decide how to use a cross-section of technology, and free and paid apps to monitor our health and fitness to get you through this pandemic and create a habit of self-health, mental and physical, and fitness as a part of your life.
For the last three years, we have been using an app (Lose It) to achieve a healthy weight through calorie tracking and personal nutrition education. This app breaks down more than calories; it breaks down what makes up those calories, and you can monitor the nutrition of the calories you eat.
It took me a couple of years to realize I can’t just count calorie intake; the makeup of these calories beyond fat, carbs, and protein is essential. Once I took a further drill-down of sodium, fibre, and sugar, was I able to hit my goal weight.
The Lose It company sells a weight scale that syncs with the Lose It app to monitor your weight, body fat percentage, body mass index and body hydration. (we purchased this scale, over the last couple of years I stopped using the scale, I didn’t like the message, yes, I was shooting the messenger)
The moment I stopped hiding the scale in the washroom cabinet and left it out to use, the truth stared me in the face, I sucked it up and returned to weighing myself daily.
At first, it was a battle of the bulge; up, down and all around, and then my focus kicked in and resulted from better nutritional habits started to show up.
The benefits of dropping to my lowest weight in years included a lower body fat percentage, a lower BMI, Body Mass Index, and blood pressure.
The most significant nutritional factor for me was lowering my sodium intake below an average of 1500 mg a day.
If you are struggling with losing weight, drill the information you might be collecting and see if there are nutrients your body does not deal with well.
Early this year, I wrote a blog post on deciding to pivot from a long-distance 1/2 marathon runner to a sprint triathlete. Why? Leap Year, Why Build Passive Income Success, Give it a Triathlon
The moment I started the triathlon training, I looked for an app that would allow me to set and track my training schedule and track my training activity against this schedule.  The app I chose also allowed me to set the date of my triathlon competition. (app.mytripro)
The app is working great.  The biggest issue is no indoor swimming facilities are open for me to train and too cold to swim in a natural body of water.
My mental health has always been pretty darn good.  I keep myself engaged in many aspects of life.
Being a social animal physical distancing is not fun but necessary; I grasp the concept I just don’t like the idea. (app, HeadUp) I love this app; it does a daily check-in, learns my mental health habits and gives me daily health insights.
Essential to measure your sleep patterns (app, Pillow) use the free version as it ties into other apps, and you can analysis your sleep information through another app like Apple’s Health app.   I have a Sleep Efficiency of 91%, over the last 28 days, happy about this result.
Social Distancing, now referred to as Physical Distancing, was dragging me down a bit and needed to find ways to get my mental attitude back on track.
Back on Track
Writing ninety blog posts in ninety days regarding health (mental and physical) finance, and knowledge learning is my therapy.
If not one person reads my ninety posts in ninety days, it won’t be my end of the world.  I am enjoying this writing process, over the last fifteen days, I have had a few post likes, and this is where I focus.
Thank you to those who give me a “Like” from time to time.
Why not create your ninety-day challenge, if not a blog post, how about ninety days of journaling and yes there is a ton of apps for that.
It will be the end of our normal world as we know it, and there will be a Brave, New World in its place. 
From Our Happy Place to Yours, Be Healthy, Be Safe Until Our Next Post

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