No Where to Live; How to Find a Happy Place in Your Family’s Life

My entire childhood was spent as a tenant in someone else’s home

My father was a proud member of the Armed Forces, and for all of my infancy, childhood and most of my teenage years, my parents rented.  We were good tenants, respectful of the landlord’s property.

For instance, I remember a trip my Dad, and I made to Toronto to watch a Blue Jays game, and on our drive down Highway 401, we had a chance to talk about life.

Dad and I calculated we had moved 21 times in the first 21 years of my life; that is residence to residence; wow!!

Moving was a regular part of our lives; you had to have your bags packed and ready to roll. With the Armed Forces, there was no life like it, as the sayings go.

Variety of Home Types

In addition, we discussed the type of homes we lived in; what a variety of homes; townhomes (the ones owned by the Department of National Defence we referred to them fondly as Chicken Coups), there were duplexes, apartments, single-family homes, trailers, basement suites, and high rises.

One of my fondest houses was in a trailer; why?  My dad was a paratrooper, and I never forget my brother and I shared bunk beds in a bedroom. My Dad bought us toy plastic army men and then created a parachute from his white hankies for my brother and I. We would spend hours throwing the toy army paratrooper off the top bunk, pretending it was our Dad floating through the sky.

Pops was also a handyman and often fixed the owner’s home without any compensation; in addition, my Dad wanted a safe, fun and secure home for his family.

My parents did not purchase their first home until I started at Grade 11.  My folks went on to own several homes, including investment real estate.

You will notice that my corporate logo has a Crown in the Logo; you might think this symbolizes investment real estate’s riches.

Pay It Forward

The Crown in my logo reminds me of where I came from and how necessary it is to pay it forward.  I can not think of anything nobler than to put a beautiful roof over a family.

Everyone needs a roof over their head; above all, an essential part of life, owning investment real estate and providing a safe, fun and secure place for people and families to live; their Happy Place.


I never knew any of our landlords; all I knew as a child, above all,  we lived in sweet, safe, fun and secure homes.

Investment Real Estate Investor Heros

Our family would never have had anywhere to live if it was not for investment real estate investors.

We all want our financial portfolio to work hard for us; therefore, why not add investment real estate to your economic life.  In addition, help others who, for many different reasons, can not purchase a home at this point in their life. However, they need a safe, fun and secure home for their family.

Are you ready to make a difference in someone’s life?

If you are thinking about your legacy, above all, please read this blog post below about making a difference in people’s lives.

How do You Want to be Remembered; The Notes and Chords of Your Life?

Leave me a comment below; I would love to hear your family’s experience as a renter and how this one gesture gave your family a hand up going through life.


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