Are You Dying To Get Back To Work; Why?

My goal is to create a legacy that outlives my time on this planet. I am committed to developing a legacy that will benefit my family, friends, and community long after I am gone and using investment real estate to help me succeed in my goal.

My thoughts on legacy were challenged the other day when I  attended a funeral for Martin, my dentist of 28 years. He was the dentist to four generations of my family; which is pretty remarkable, Martin was only 57 years old.

Attending my dentist’s funeral; opened my eyes to how I was viewing a person’s legacy. What Martin’s family, friends, and the community had to say about Martin was an eye opener to what one’s legacy should be.   Their reflections on Martin’s life lead me to rethink how I was viewing my legacy.

Challenging myself lead to these legacy questions; please feel free use these questions to challenge yourself.

Three Legacy Questions

1) Would you return to your Career/Job after you beat a significant health disease?

2) Is your Legacy built for the future and not the now?

3) Does Your Legacy have to all be about money or funding a cause?

The Return

Martin took a year off work to fight cancer, and his goal was to return to work.  He told the people who worked at his practice the reason he was returning to work was that of his patients.  He loved his patients.

Unfortunately, cancer returned, and I was one of Martin’s last patients; he told me that day he had just gotten news cancer had returned, and he would need to take time off work again to fight the fight.

Would you return to your job or career after a major crisis in your life because of your relationship with your customers or clients?

The Now

The people who spoke at Martin’s funeral made me realize that your legacy; needs to start now while you are living. My goal was to impact my family and community with my investment real estate after I have left this world; this was an “Ah Moment” to rethink my purpose.

How my dentist affected his family, friends, and community while he was alive is where I would like my legacy to start.

Is your legacy in the now?

The All About

Martin’s family, friends, and community spoked fondly about their time and experiences with Martin.  The video tribute to Martin showed many incredible moments with family, friends, and community.

My dentist was such an awesome person, and by the attendance, at his funeral, he will be missed.

I reviewed my will and realized my money and assets were funding a future without me in it.

Take a look at your will; is it all directed at a world without you?

Have you ever thought about developing a living legacy; one in which you can participate?

I was thinking about how do I fund my “Now or Living Legacy”; one which I can participate.  There are many ways to support your living legacy with investment real estate. One of the answers was right in front of me; I don’t need to pay every mortgage off in 15 years or less; lengthen the amortization period redirect part of the funds to the living and be a participant in my legacy.

Martin’s Legacy

Returning to work after a critical health issue is only a question you can answer.

Do you love your career or job enough to return after a lengthy illness? This one question might be the single catalyst to think about your current career or job situation and ensure your career or job is one you are dying to get back too.

Tribute to Martin Long in His Dental Practice


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