How do You Want to be Remembered; The Notes and Chords of Your Life?

How to Create The Notes and Chords to Your Legacy Now?

As another year ends and a new year begins many people review the year that just ended and plan out a new path for the upcoming year.

Most people never examine the impact they have had on others through the past year let alone over a lifetime, yet it these folks who help to determine your legacy.

One of the critical subjects I write (blog and magazine articles) and talk (podcast) about is Creating a Living Legacy through investment real estate. 

Investment real estate is not the only vehicle required to build your legacy. Listen to this podcast on legacy reflection; The Remarkable Value of a Living Legacy

A legacy is composed in many different ways; like a great song full of memorable words.

My goal is to get you to think about your legacy and how you are composing and living your legacy.

Who is in Your Life’s Orchestra?

Even with many of us living longer than past generations; our life’s conductor knows we all have a swan song.

None of us know when the last note gets played in our life, you do however have much influence on how your life’s notes and chords will play out.

I challenge everyone to review their life at the beginning of each year and note each lyric from the previous year:

Ask yourself some basic questions about your life:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What has happened in my life that will live beyond my physical time on this earth?
  3. Where is all my activity taking place? (family, work, recreation, community)
  4. When did all of this take place? (early or late in life or throughout my life)
  5. Why did all in my life happen? (don’t worry, more life to live)
  6. How has my life unfolded? (your choice or someone else’s; still, time to chose)

At some point, someone close to you is going to stand in front of an audience and speak about you through a eulogy.  The person who gives your eulogy will attempt to orchestra these fundamental questions about you.  Will there be enough evidence for the person composing your eulogy to note your contributions to those around you?

Will the melodies of your life; provide the material needed to develop a hit album, a hit song or will the notes fall flat?

What is a Eulogy?

A eulogy is a speech or writing in praise of a person(s) or thing(s), especially one who recently died or retired or as a term of endearment. (Wikipedia)

Your Eulogy

Recently I was given the honour to give my cousin’s eulogy; it was one of the toughest and easiest things in my life to do. My cousin passed away just before Christmas.

The tough part was I had no idea the actual structure of what a eulogy was?

The research began; the definition of a eulogy; the parts to structuring a eulogy and lastly, reading eulogies of others.

For me to give my cousin’s eulogy, I had to go outside of my own experiences; (though we spent much time together) and draw on others to create lyrics in composing a complete song about my cousin.

The easiest part; was my cousin and my friend was such a great guy with a ton of character and multi-talented individual.  

The qualities of his life touched the right chords and lyrics for so many in his life’s song sheet.

I could draw from decades of experiences in his and my life; my time with my cousin was only one line in a great song. As I mentioned, it was actions with others that gave me a wealth of lyrics.

What Attributes Could Others Turn to; to Reflect Your Life?

Composing the Attributes to a Memorable Life; The Evidence

My Cousin was an Ambassador; an ambassador not only to the places he lived but the organizations he belonged to, whether a volunteer or company organization.

A Sharer; a Sharer of friends and friendships., my cousin could make “Fast Friends” and then share those friendships with others.

My cousin had a unique ability to Engage with People and make them feel they are honestly heard. 

At the end of my cousin’s eulogy, I had everyone stand and place their hands over their hearts and pledge to be an Ambassador, Sharer of Friends and to Engage with People and make them feel they are honestly heard.

My cousin made a life-long commitment to notes and chords to his life and I was asking everyone to carry on the spirit of my cousin.

Would there be enough evidence over the length of your life to be the inspiration to others long after you are gone?

What will your Swan Song sound like?

(In Honour of My Cousin and Friend, Glenn Brown)



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