New; Vault to Investment Real Estate Success Blog; The How to Simple Wealth

New; Vault to Investment Real Estate Success Blog; The How to Simple Wealth

Welcome to Vault to Investment Real Estate Success Blog Posts. Over the days, months, and years ahead, we will discuss the right combination of investment real estate strategies and outcomes. In addition, using investment real estate to build a robust financial foundation, unlock sustainable wealth, and create a living legacy for future generations.


To challenge your thinking around the three real estate investment outcomes, building a strong financial foundation, unlocking sustainable wealth, and creating a living legacy.

I hope this will help you achieve your solution-focused choices and produce win-win results. In addition, these outcomes are based on actions taken, knowledge used, and process strategies implemented and outlined in our current and future blog postings.

The investment real estate outcomes you create will help you develop your distinctive combination of building a more robust financial foundation, unlocking sustainable wealth, and creating a living legacy.

The Blueprint

Together we will develop an outcome blueprint for Your Vault to Investment Real Estate Success.

In her book,” Change Your Questions Change Your Life,” Marilee Adams discusses a Learner Mindset and a Judger Mindset. I certainly want you to challenge my thinking. However, make sure, as Marilee states, “Your thinking is not done on automatic reactions; give this shared learning some thoughtful thinking.”

As you scroll through the blog postings, you should ask yourself, are the blogs offering shared learning in investment real estate?

The Opportunities

The opportunity for you is to make sure this blog is not a passive read.

There are three outcomes of this website displayed on the homepage. First, the blog postings aid you in developing a strong financial foundation; the second is to unlock sustainable wealth and create a living legacy.

I plan to rotate each blog posting on a four-cycle rotation, focusing first on Investment Real Estate, the big picture. In addition, we will talk about a strong financial foundation, unlocking sustainable wealth, and creating a living legacy.

The blog postings and website are for Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z interested in adding investment real estate to their financial portfolio.

Generations’ Challenge

I will challenge each generation to take the time to understand each other. Why would you need to understand each other? The answer is simple you need each other to take advantage of the enormous potential of investment real estate outlined in these blogs.

Stay with my blog postings. Above all, you will see the importance of generational interaction and how this interaction can create prosperity for those connecting.

What makes me an expert on these generations? I am a Boomer and a father to a Xer and a Millennial.

I have spent most of my children’s adult lives practicing the principles discussed in blog postings and the website.

Come with me on this journey. In addition, I promise you and your future generations a more robust financial foundation, unlocking sustainable wealth and a living legacy long after we have left this world.

Setting the Stage

As I talk to each generation, I will examine each generation as a stage in their lives. Therefore, every step of experience provides us with different opportunities.

In my current life stage, I thought about sharing my knowledge and dispensing advice regarding investment real estate to benefit others. Including investment real estate in your portfolio can significantly contribute to your financial success. But, of course, the success level has a lot to do with what stage in life you start purchasing investment real estate.

My goal with this blog is to lay out advice for:

  • Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2012)
  • Millennials (1979 and 1993)
  • Generation Xers (1965 to 1978)
  • Baby Boomers (1946 to 1964)

Each generation involves personal growth. Millennials are entering adulthood, Gen Xers are entering parenthood, and Baby Boomers are entering a time focused more on living than accumulating wealth. I feel adding financial investment pressure in each category is not always prudent. In the blog postings, I will help you identify when you are ready as an individual or couple.

Your family and community circumstances impact when you:

  • Purchase real investment estate
  • The type of investment real estate you purchase
  • Why you might buy investment real estate
  • How you go about buying investment real estate

My blogging journey will be to finish a book I am writing regarding my vault to investment real estate success.

A friend of mine recently had a book published. I asked her what she would have done differently in bringing her project to market.   She wished she had interacted with her readers through blogging before completing her book.

I have taken her advice to heart. I ask you to engage with my audience to share your real estate investment stories through our Vault to Investment Real Estate Success Facebook page or our website through our contact page.

Don’t hesitate to contact me through our Contact Page; there is ample room for you to respond to each post.

Are you ready to become part of the investment real estate conversation?

Let’s Get On With The Sharing and Learning,

Through my blog, podcast, book, and author page, my wish for you is, as Mr. Spock says, “Live Long and Prosper.”


About the author, W. Rick

Dynamic entrepreneur and sales management strategist; with over 20 years of experience in his field. Rick has achieved multimillion-dollar sales growth while providing award-winning sales leadership and coaching in highly competitive markets.

An active real estate investor since 2002, Rick has developed his purchasing strategies and processes specializing in vacation and recreational properties, single-family homes and condo rentals.

In 2005, Rick re-financed his first rental property to fund the purchase of more positive cash flowing rental properties.

Rick sits on the Board of Directors for several condominium associations and is an active President and Treasurer. Sitting on these boards has given him a wealth of experience and insight into working with property management companies.

Rick has partnered with several joint venture associates and is committed to creating a positive investing experience for his associates by finding the properties, developing the investment, securing the financing and executing a proven positive cash flow system.

Why should you choose Rick as your Online Vault to Investment Real Estate Success Advisor?

An outstanding mentor and coach, Rick will work with you to build your investment real estate business starting from the foundation. From guiding you through the market research and critical drivers, building your team of trades, realtors, and lenders to attracting the investment real estate properties right for your portfolio and the joint venture partners to help you grow.

Through direction and training, Rick will help you develop your investment real estate goals and be a catalyst for you to purchase your first investment real estate property so you can build a strong financial foundation unlocking sustainable wealth and a living legacy for you and many generations to come.

Thank you for taking the only asset that gives us so much through life, but we can never get back our time.

Please join Rick on living his mantra:

” Prosperity for all aspects of your life forever.” W. Rick Harris

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