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Celebrating Through the Window, Why This is Unclear?

Day 11 / Post 11 How is this coronavirus impacting your day to day life? It affects us all in different ways. Today is my son’s birthday, and who would have guessed, these precious years later, we would be in self-isolation and not being able to celebrate his birthday together. My birthday was the first family…

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Good Luck or Bad Luck, is it Plain Old Luck

Day/Blog Post 8 Good Luck or Bad Luck, is it Plain Old Luck! My wife and I live by the mantra, “Things Happen for a Reason.” We always look for the “Whys” and what lessons learnt. The coronavirus lessons are not still obvious; some folks will recognize sooner than later, and opportunities unveiled. Living by…

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How to Age, Live at Home or Get Housed? Scary Times

Day/Post 7 Ageing Opportunities 93 and 95 Yes!! I have stopped watching the news first thing in the morning because as the news day unfolds, the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in North America continue to climb, our reality these days can be depressing. Everyone is trying to be positive and look for signs…

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