Back to a Bubble of One! How Fear Makes Your Life Protected and Secure

 Temper The Good News ( Looking Back, Before Moving Forward)

Over the holiday season, let fear temper your enthusiasm to get out and about. Let caution and fear your gift to friends, family and others.

Every day the great news around multiple vaccines is reported on the news.  We are only three to six months away from a significant number of people being vaccinated.

If you are reading this blog post, you have made it this far through the pandemic.  Taking the last step might be some short-term pain for long-term gain.  I have been as frustrated as the next person. But there is a great chance by May 2021 that enough of us will be vaccinated to start thinking of having an incredible Summer 0f 2021. A future where we see little in the way of restrictions.


There is a ton of research looking at the underlying understanding of what motivates you to make every decision in your life.

Top motivational speakers refer to the fear of loss or the pleasure of gain based on their teachings. (Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar)

Fear is Best?

According to MLM Community, “The fear of losing something or the pleasure of gaining something is what really moves people and motivates them. It’s what gets them to make a decision (or not do it). Every decision we make in life is based upon either FEAR or PLEASURE. You are either really excited by what you have to gain or what you have to lose.”

The fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain.  Zig Ziglar 

We tend to hang on tight to possessions and beliefs; today’s coronavirus is throwing all of this into disarray, and many of us are rethinking what is important to us.

There are many different conditions of togetherness.  A massive shift is coming.  How we view being in large groups, working from home, buying online, video calls, your physical and mental health, travel, being forced to retire into a long-term care facility, or being around a large group of ageing folks is changing.

In a recent blog, I talked about using the pandemic to improve your financial lot in life. How to Use the Pandemic to Improve Your Financial Ways

Is It Time?

This week, provinces and states start to reopen their economies.

The money the governments doling out to keep food on our tables and a roof over our heads will be coming to an end.

Potential Bad News Has Fear Mounting 

In the next couple of months, will you make changes in your life to deal with your fear?

There may be a second onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic; many medical specialists feel we as a society has not done enough to protect ourselves, reopening the economies too soon.

There is a good chance you may not have a job to return; the business bankruptcies are mounting; some of the biggest names in the retail, travel and entertainment will not be here after the pandemic.  In North America, we saw tens of thousands of jobs lost.

Your Bubble, Protected and Secure

There is a saying, ” Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

No one ever saw this global pandemic coming, and no matter where it originated and was concealed from the world.  There was no stopping the coronavirus.

Could we have been better prepared in many places in the world? Yes.

We would still be discussing millions of coronavirus cases and thousands of lives lost.

We all now have enough information for ourselves, and without a vaccine, we are all at risk.  Each of us exposes ourselves differently to COVID-19 based on where we live, work and our social circumstances, including how we handle our daily hygiene.

Each day as the globe opens up to us, reentering the new world, how you greet and meet your fellow human beings is up to you.

You can decide on how protected and secure you want to be if you are in isolation.

Are You a Community of One?

I watch the protesters who are advocating the government get out of the way and let everything open up the way it was before the pandemic.  These folks have a high-risk tolerance level of what they think is being protected and secure.  They are happy with their current conditions and have decided their freedom of choice is more critical than their risk of catching and dying from the coronavirus.

Whether you live in a democratic or a totalitarian or communist system, we all live in a community and have a personal responsibility to others.

Living Off the Grid

If you live off the grid with no one but yourself, then I can support your individual choice to do whatever you want.  The moment you involve one person in your bubble, you have community and an obligation not to force your will on anyone.

Take time today, look around, and ask everyone their level of feeling protected and secure in the shared bubble if you have others in your bubble.  Make sure you understand their why.

I currently share my bubble with my wife, and her level of protecting and securing her own space is higher than mine.  I practice social distancing, but if someone gets within six feet of me for a moment as they pass, I don’t get concerned; my wife not so much.

I have no problem going for groceries or other personal needs; my wife is more concerned.

I have fewer concerns over wearing gloves or a personal mask; my wife is more concerned.

At the end of the day and for the foreseeable future, let your Spidy senses control your protect and secure bubble. Let Fear Guide You.

Knowing sometimes your loved ones or community dictates the threshold of the comfort level of your protect and secure bubble, it can’t be an individual choice.


From Our Happy Place to Yours, Be Healthy, Be Safe Until Our Next Pos

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