Too Good to Be True Watch Your Investment Back Pain or Gain?

Too good to be true, watch your investment back, pain or gain?

A good friend and fellow real estate investor recently contacted me about a different spin on investment real estate. She asked me my opinion on the following guaranteed rental investments.

For instance, on the surface, it looks like a great deal and an excellent opportunity.

I sat back and thought of this investment. Above all, I reviewed the details of the opportunity.

Too Good to Be True, Watch Your Investment Back, Pain or Gain?

The Investment Real Estate Opportunity, Guaranteed Rental Investments

  • Immediate Positive Cash Flow Potential
  • Completely Hands-Off Investment

The Offer – Registrants VIP Incentives

– 2 Year Lease Guarantee
– 2 Year Free Property Management
– Free Furniture Package
– Extended Deposit Structure
– Assignment Fee Waived

My Financial Investigation

The Investment Real Estate Offer is an investment owner’s dream. However, I needed to drill down a little further.
I asked my friend the following questions:
Do the two-year lease rents cover all costs and give you a slush fund?
What is the property management fee for two years?
Are you locked into the same property manager for the property after two years? (The reason I ask this question is what if you are not happy with the performance of the property manager)
With the furniture included, is this furniture package conducive to the property? In conclusion, will it attract your desired tenant profile in two years?

Too Good to Be True, Watch Your Investment Back, Pain or Gain?

The Real Investment Gain or Pain Begins in Two Years?

First, is there any chance of equity growth? Will this property increase in value, or will there be a stampede to sell to get a short-term return on equity in two years when all investors’ two years are up? Above all, what process is in place to ensure all owners don’t try to exit at once?
What are the current rents? In addition, is there any chance of rent increases in two years?
Therefore, can you have positive cash flow in two years by adding all the waived costs?
In conclusion, will the furniture package still be valuable in two years, or will it have to be replaced?

Real Estate, Similar Stories

My brother bought a beautiful downtown high-rise condo in a major Canadian city. However, this purchase didn’t have the ending he signed up for.
The development had a significant hotel as the anchor, and the residents were above the hotel floors. He put down a $20,000 deposit; the project never got built after numerous attempts, including digging a hole for the foundation. He had to fight over five years to get his deposit back—no interest earned on deposits over five years.
This is not quite the same situation. However,  you must understand the VIP Incentives’ extended deposit structure.
The opportunity sounds excellent in the short term. Over the first two years, you have collected positive cash flow, seen equity growth, and paid down your mortgage principal. Therefore, all positive signs of a great incentive.
Is this too good to be true?

Too Good to Be True, Watch Your Investment Back, Pain or Gain?

After The Honeymoon

What happens in two years is where my head is at. Do your homework; above all, know the marketplace you are buying in. You should know the current values and trace back to the history of your purchasing area. For instance, what has been happening to values, rental rates, and operation costs?
Please watch condo fees. My wife and I are in a new development we love, but the developer has not been selling the development as quickly as he had hoped. He has kept the condo fees low. I have talked to him about raising the condo fees because a reserve fund study needs to be done. His logic is to keep the costs low as he tries to attract more purchases. However, I know a cash call is coming if we don’t move the condo fees up soon; short-term gain for the long-term pain.
In my upcoming book, “31 Days to Purchasing and Renting Your First Investment Real Estate Property,” I discuss Team REAL (Real Estate Advisory League). A realtor (third party) should be one of the most important members of your Team REAL.
Giving you an honest appraisal of this purchase area can add a good feeling or a word of caution about this opportunity. Therefore, make sure your offer sounds like an opportunity, not an open hole of financial woes.
Your Investment Future
Is investment real estate of interest to you? (Listen to this podcast episode to see if investment real estate is right for you, Entrepreneurship; The True Cornerstone to Small Business. The Investment Real Estate Story
Take a moment to review this concise survey below, and enjoy the result.


About the author, W. Rick

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In 2005, Rick re-financed his first rental property to fund the purchase of more positive cash flowing rental properties.

Rick sits on the Board of Directors for several condominium associations and is an active President and Treasurer. Sitting on these boards has given him a wealth of experience and insight into working with property management companies.

Rick has partnered with several joint venture associates and is committed to creating a positive investing experience for his associates by finding the properties, developing the investment, securing the financing and executing a proven positive cash flow system.

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