Pipeline Full of Dreams; How to Grow Our Economic Strength In the World

Light at the End of the Tunnel

As an investment real estate investor part of the success of your portfolio is determined by the economic strength of your rental marketplace.  Creating excellent trade jobs is an essential benefit for everyone.

I am not opposed to a decent minimum wage, but I would rather see people have great paying skilled jobs.  Having great paying jobs helps you as an investor get good rental income and allows you to keep your tenant homes in Great Rental Shape.

Shining the light on the economic growth of our nation is good for everyone; focusing the brightness at the end of the tunnel happened this week in Canada.

This week the Government of Canada purchased an oil pipeline; a pipeline supported by the majority of Canadians.

Even if you are not happy with the idea of purchasing a pipeline with your tax dollars we all are aware of municipal, provincial, state and federal governments spending millions or billions of dollars that never produced one job or economic benefit for any of us.

As a Canadian first and an Albertan second, not doing anything to get our oil to tidewater and opening up more markets for our natural resources is not an option.

As Canadians, we need to have more influence in the world.  Many countries have built control through their war machine.  As Canadians let’s develop our impact on economic strength; as a precious natural resource nation, we need to play to our best advantage. We can not rely on just one customer to dictate the price for our resources; the more markets we can sell to the better.

I care about the environment as much as anyone and would not deny anyone their voice.  A balance needs to be in everyone’s vocabulary, and our national domestic rights need protecting.  We live in a federation, yes folks a federation.

There are commitments every day to rely less and less on fossil fuels. The reality is we still need to use all of our resources now as we advance our future.  Consumers and smart companies will develop alternative fuels and gave us as consumers more choices.

My wife and I recently sold our second vehicle and bought a new home in an area that allows us to walk to most services.

We have brought some balance to our life, but we are not giving up our gas-powered vehicle or going to stop flying anytime soon.

The federal government guaranteed that in a few short weeks shovels are going to be put in the ground and the will of the people of Canada and the national government will move forward to get the pipeline to tidewater.

I am looking forward to Trudeau and Notley putting on their work-boots, picking up a shovel and digging the first hole.



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