How Opportunities Will Amaze, Are You Ready?

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Look for the Opportunities Abounding Every Day, Good Chance You Have the Time. 
Yes, opportunities are unfolding before your eyes during the coronavirus pandemic.
Technology continues to enter all aspects of our lives.  Technology is right now an opportunity for you to embrace.
The coming of the current pandemic is forcing more people to equip themselves to deal with the technological world.   The person, company or government who takes advantage of this technological opportunity will reap many rewards going forward. Rewards will be more than monetary; there will be many knowledge, physical and mental benefits for all of us.
Technology can make us less reliant on others, and when you are forced into isolation by the governments of the world, being able to count on yourself first is a great equalizer in your life.
We have written about opportunities to fund stock market purchases through this downtime.   Our real-life example is my wife and I purchasing Starbuck stock.  Because Starbucks is a global company, we continue to see the stock go up in value. We don’t have to live in France, Singapore, or any other countries in the world to reap the benefits of people making purchases at Starbucks.
Starbucks embraced technology, one of the first specialty coffee chains to develop an app for their customers.  We download the app; it works great and is benefitting millions globally.  Each morning when I grind my Starbucks Caffe Verona Whole Beans, brew a pot of coffee, I raise my coffee cup in appreciation of earning a few bucks to other Starbucks customers.
Enjoying a great cup of coffee is another dividend we get to find pleasure.
My wife and I have a couple of other restaurant apps we use; these are pizza apps.
Our favourite pizza place has a great app.  When I started to look at the stock market, we sought to see if our favourite pizza chain listed on the Stock Market (TSX). Yes, they are registered, and we bought stock in their company.
Now we own a slice of this pizza company; okay, it is closer to a tiny piece.
Since purchasing the pizza stock, it has gone up 19.29% in value.  This stock pays a dividend.  (as I mentioned, we made a promise not to buy any shares that don’t pay a dividend)
The coronavirus has created many buying opportunities to purchase undervalued stocks. If you didn’t read our blog post on how to fund your stock market purchases in these tough times, please follow this link Fund Your Portfolio from Bottles in the Ditch
New Lessons; Forced to Learn Fast 
Two of the stocks we bought through the coronavirus pandemic were paying dividends.
One stock we bought was starting to rise in value, and we were feeling good and then Bam!  The company stopped paying their dividend, and the stock price dropped like a rock.  You can’t always pick a winner.
The lesson, look a little deeper and listen to why a company might stop paying its dividends.  I am now putting together a list of telltale signs, from dividends to no dividends.
The pizza company’s stock we purchased didn’t stop their dividend.  The company reviewed its current business, noticed the delivery business was growing and reliable, but their walk-in business had dried up.  They cut their dividend by 28%, we are not happy, but we can live with getting a partial dividend versus no dividend.
Learn You Are Not Always Going to Get it Right
We are not beating ourselves up. Could I have done more research on the company that stopped paying their dividend, perhaps?
With social distancing taking over our lives, we have not eaten out the way we did in the past and have been a little slow to support our favourite restaurants and their takeout business.
We are now starting to ease into using takeout apps; we are worried though for the restaurant chain that had no app and with no business will they ever open again should it be several months of complete social distancing.  Not embracing technology for this restaurant chain has to be a wake-up call, but is it too late.
Your Time to Embrace Technology
You can no longer be a technological dinosaur what opportunities you are embracing, during this time?
There are free webinars, and online courses offered time to create your technology learning. The internet learning sky has no limit. 
Please note I would love to hear any area of opportunity you are taking, it doesn’t have to be investment real estate or finance related.
There is lots of room below to start a dialogue, happy to share my thoughts with your thoughts.
Tomorrow I am going to talk to you about an opportunity staring us right in the face.
There is an area of opportunity that has caused such pain and subjected their loved ones to a situation turning their homes into a death sentence.
No child wants to subject their loved ones, parents or grandparents to this situation ever again.
From Our Happy Place to Yours, Be Healthy, Be Safe Until Our Next Post

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