The Unlimited Value of A Living Legacy

Turning Your Legacy to Ruins

The Unlimited Value of A Living Legacy: For many people, their home will be their most significant single purchase and financial investment. Most of us protect our homes as if they were pyramids. But like all pyramids, they can turn into ruins. The Pharaohs tried to take their worldly possessions with them into the afterlife. However, we all know those grave robbers enjoyed the Pharaohs’ wealth.

The world would have been a better place had the Pharaohs looked after the future generations rather than burying generations of wealth and, conversely, allowing someone else to steal the next generation’s dreams. Through the Pharaohs’ experience, we have witnessed that we can’t protect ourselves in the afterlife. Hoarding everything to take with us in our next life will only create more questions than answers when you get to the Pearly Gates.

Sharing Goes Beyond Material Wealth

Sharing our wealth is not only through our possessions but also through our knowledge and experience. We should live our will but not bury it in the ground or have it go up in smoke.

We have a chance to be our legacy, a living legacy that will pay it forward for many generations to come.

I am not talking about a handout; I am talking about a hand-up. Your legacy could transcend many generations by influencing future generations with a hand-up philosophy.

I challenge you to honour those who came before us. However, if we had communicated more and respected our past family members more, we all might have enjoyed and understood what a living legacy is and should be.

One trait of a living legacy is noticing you have positively impacted others. Have you helped enrich other people’s lives and attracted more positive life experiences for people around you? We could have left people in a better frame of mind. Added value every time you came in contact with people? It was how you positively treated people and embraced those around you. Is this how they also handled people?

The Unlimited Value of A Living Legacy

Have you helped enrich other people’s lives? Attracted more positive life experiences for people around you, left people in a better frame of mind, and added value every time you came in contact with people? Was it how you treated people in a positive manner embraced by those around you, and is this how they also handled people?

Was it how you treated people in a positive manner embraced by those around you, and is this how they also handled people?

Would you not want to have a lasting effect on folks and have them genuinely enjoy time spent with you?

Don’t you think it is sad when past generations have to erect some monument to themselves? Conversely, when they leave this world, they should take care of nonfamily members before their own family.

What will your legacy look like? Are you investing your time in contacting your family and friends? Are you leaving evidence that you have positively impacted their lives? What memories do you have on each visit? Do you ever wonder what you’ll be remembered for?

Every day, we hear people say that life is too short. Where did that day, month, or year go?

Most of us would have jammed more living into our lives if we realized how quickly it passed. Most of us would spend time living.

Invest some time and think about your impact on others.

Will there be positive markers that people will see? What will they reflect on and know you are and were a positive influence on them and this earth?

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